Cost justification of purchasing a tool pre-setter

Common sense tells us presetting tools off the machine is the correct solution? Why would this be true? It is commonly accepted that a machine tool only cuts metal for an average of 55%, set-up and inspection account for 35% with the remaining 10% for other factors such as maintenance etc. Do the maths, with machining costs typically in the £20 to £30 per hour range.


If you can save 20% on your set-up time working 1 machine 35 hours a week for 48 weeks a year this would equate to the following.

7 hours saved a week * £30/h = £210 per week.

£210 * 48 weeks = savings of £10,080 per year, per machine, per shift.

With tool presetters starting in the low thousands what are you waiting for? After 3 to 4 months your profit margin just got a lot better, not to mention your machine availability, the reduction in scrap, and the possibility cut first time without having to re-check all just go to compound these savings even further.

Go on give us a call and start to make savings this quarter.

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