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Tool Pre-setting Gauges
Royal Tool Control manufactures and supply a vast range of tool presetting gauges, for on and off line setting.

Why Do I Need a Gauge?
Royal 3 Axis Powered Gauge
Foam Inlays

Custom drawer liners for your tools. These are perfect for keeping tools safe and tidy and ideal for implementing 5S.
Bespoke Foam Inlay
Tool Storage

You need to protect and store your expensive tools, have a look at our range of storage equipment.
Royal Change Over Cart
Tool Handling & Health and Safety

You need to protect your workforce as well as your tools. We have a large range of tool protection and lifting devices.

The Tool Boy is a unique tool mounting device for the assembling and disassembling of cutting tools on tool holders and modular tools.
PWB Toolboy
Lifting Equipment

A well-designed workspace has equipment for moving heavy and awkward items safely. Whether you are looking for a custom solution to move a single tool or would like a full suite of equipment to implement a comprehensive lifting strategy, we can help.
  • Static or Wheeled
  • Designed for the harshest industrial environments
  • Stable with a low centre of gravity
  • Available in a range of colours at no extra cost
  • Custom built to your requirements
Lifting Equipment
Tool Shrinker

Tool Shrinkers are used to replace a tool, such as a drill, in a holder or chuck.

The holder or chuck is heated to a precise temperature, making it expand and allowing the tool inside it to be removed and replaced. The cooling process then contracts the holder around the tool, making for a very tight fit.

  • Fast - Shrink time of 2 - 7 seconds depending on the tool diameter.
  • Flexible - Shrink and unclamp tools with a diameter between Ø 3 and 32mm
  • Safe - Ergonomic design for enhanced safety during use
Tool Shrink
Change Over Solutions

  • Do you have to change tooling on your machine when you change parts?
  • Have the wrong tools ever been left in the machine?
  • Tired of hunting for the correct parts to fit?
  • Do you want to simplify and error proof your change over?

You might need our change over boxes or one of our other Poka-Yoke error proofing solutions.

Changeover Storage
Turnkey Packages

Royal Tool Control specialise in providing you with the complete solution. Have a look at our specification and supply expertise.
Crib Solutions
Royal Software - Global Tooling Systems-Variset 5

Royal Tool Control have developed software that handle all of your tool management requirements.
GTSv Royal Software
Auxiliary Equipment

Equipment Maintenance
To ensure correct use and maintenance of your equipment we supply a full range of taper cleaners, holders, fixtures and spares.

We provide spindle taper cleaners in all standard sizes. We do bespoke and specials as well.
Equipment Maintenance
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