Industrial Garage

Garage Drawing Overview

Royal Tool Control recently designed and built an industrial garage. It contains all the storage and equipment required, including lifting equipment, reinforced floor and robust work surfaces.

Before starting

Our client wanted the empty space to be converted to an area with a mix of storage units, work surfaces and heavy-duty shelving.
The original space
Putting together a 3D drawing

Using our in-house design team, we created a 3D layout of the garage.

The drawing is fully detailed and not only allows you to look at the entire project, but also to zoom in on individual parts.

Once the drawings have been approved by all the stakeholders, it is time to begin the build!
Wide view Close Up
The Build

Plenty of work surfaces with storage units above and below. This keeps your work area clear and have everything you need to hand.
Lots of storage
Complete working solution

Integrated working environment includes lifting solutions for heavier items.
Crane available for heavy items
Heavy duty storage

Store heavy items safely and securely. The addition of a crane makes accessing these items very straightforward.
Storage for heavy items

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